The Myoshi Effect

There was only one way to save the planet…



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Of Asteroids and Precious Bodily Fluids

“Humans are humans, folks, and we don’t like to change. We hilariously don’t like to change. Those in power remain just as self-serving, clownish and petty—and insane—as always, countries still go to war (you’ll never guess the aggressor), the population remains in ostrich-head-in-the-sand denial mode or spontaneous suicide mood, which leads to some outrageous, implausible, crazy scenarios…”


All’s Well That Ends… Well! Great Satire!

“There are so many, beginning to end – the dual presidency, the invading Canadian Hoarde, the Owsley, Grace Slick inspired meeting of the leadership. The urine collection… onward and forward. Lampooning extraordinaire! I listened TWICE back to back! Seriously, I have never done that.”

The Myoshi Effect is...

“Zany, goofy fun. Had me laughing out loud several times.”Times Journal & Review

“‘Sciency-Fictiony’ humor at its best since Douglas Adams rode his thumb through the galaxy.” – Barton’s

From Jim Yoakum, screenwriter and the author of THE BANANA MASSACRE, THE BLOVIATOR, DA YELLER BRICK ROAD and THE GREATEST LIVING ENGLISHMAN comes a new sciency-fictiony novel…

The time? Tomorrow. Can the President of the United Red States of America, and the President of the United Blue States of America, come together in order stop a giant asteroid before it destroys Earth in one month’s time? Who is the mysterious Doctor Apophis? What is the “S.U.R.”, and why is the President of the USA determined to defend it at all costs? What the hell is the Canadian army doing in North Dakota, and why does HRH Queen Kate of England want to wage war with the USA? And above all else, what is “The Myoshi Effect”?

To learn more about asteroids and their cosmic cousins, the hemorrhoids, please click here or here but please DO NOT press the red button:


All contents and excerpts on this blog are (c) 2016 Jim Yoakum

All rights reserved


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